About We Digitize

Today, we operate mainly as a wholesaler for around 400 digital agencies, most of which are foreign. We can provide services and act as consultants in website building and or conversion, SEO, PPC, social media, link building, copywriting as well as strategy, sales, branding, and reputation management, as long as it is digital. We can do this because we have been working intensively in these areas since 2001. With this knowledge, we have since 2006 built up We Digitize, which for three years in a row has been named a Gazelle company by Børsen and helped several other companies, including several Gazelle companies. Today, our customers count everything from the local hair salon to the national telecommunications company.

Specialists in the Nordic Countries and Germany

After many assignments in the Nordics, Germany, England, USA, Poland, Holland, Belgium and Brazil over the years, we must state that it is only in the Nordics (Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland) and Germany that we currently can deliver results that are consistently better than our colleagues in the industry. For the same reason, we only take on tasks that relate to the Nordic countries and Germany. However, we are happy to share our knowledge about the other markets and the media we have access to within those markets. An example of another market where we have significant access is UK.

USP – The Secret Recipe

The combination of theory, practical knowledge, networking, and geography allows us to deliver some unique results that cannot be copied by others in the industry. In several of the individual areas, our colleagues in the industry will be able to deliver as good a result as us, but due to our unique opportunities and exclusive cooperation agreements within some of the areas, we will in almost all cases be able to deliver a better, overall result, as long as these are tasks in Denmark or Norway.

We Say No to Assignments

We greatly attribute our success to the fact that we focus on long-term relationships with our stakeholders, including our customers. It also means that we sometimes have to say no to tasks where we do not think we can create enough value. Our interest in this is, of course, that we can take advantage of a pull strategy and develop our product and service instead of spending resources on a sales department. In fact, for the same reasons, we have no salespeople or sales department.

No Task Too Small

If we can deliver value, no tasks are too small or too big. The tasks we perform can range from getting a few inbound links or writing a few product descriptions to complete online strategies and implementing our telemarketing / CRM system in large sales departments. So, whether it is a small web shop or a large sales department that needs to be streamlined, we are very happy to help if we assess that we can add significant value to the customer.