We Digitize are experts in linkbuilding and off-page SEO – and we would like to use our expertise to help you.

We are a kind of matchmaker when it comes to links. More specifically, we are experts in getting the right websites to link to your homepage. This means that you will rank higher in Google so more clients can find you.

Why you should choose us:

· We are specialists in off-page SEO and linkbuilding. · We deliver a higher quality than our competitors. (Yes, we dare say it!) · We know that you specialise in something else. We believe you should focus on that. In the meantime, we’ll take care of off-page SEO and linkbuilding. · You decide for yourself how much you want to be in charge. You can settle for an ongoing status meeting where we show you the results of our work. Or you can run the process yourself through our platform. · Our platform gives you access to the preferred tools among SEO experts as well as +60,000 partner sites. · We are the obvious choice when it comes to off-page SEO for companies with or without SEO experts.

Why linkbuilding and off-page SEO?

Do you have any doubts as to why you need help with linkbuilding and off-page SEO? We can help you.

When it comes to SEO there are two different types:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

On-page SEO (also called technical SEO) is focused on improving your website. This is done through the implementation of important keywords and internal linking – to subpages for your website.

Off-page SEO requires more than just you and your website. It requires getting others to link to you. This tells Google that your page is useful and trustworthy.

This is crucial for ranking well in the search engine and in the end acquiring clients and conversions.

You can make on-page SEO yourself

As you might have understood from the above, it is straightforward to make on-page SEO. It only takes place on your website that you are in control of.

Besides, there are many tools today that might help you, for example:

  • Yoast SEO, a plugin you can use for WordPress. It makes the optimization of your on-page SEO easy.
  • A vast number of “themes” for WordPress. These themes are already well optimised for on-page SEO.
  • Both Yoast SEO and the different themes in WordPress work for all types of business. They can help you generate traffic to your homepage and convert visitors to paying clients.

Off-page SEO is a bit trickier

Off-page SEO is not as straightforward as on-page SEO. How do you find the websites linking to yours? And how do you get the owner of the site to give you a link?

How do you know if a link from the website provides you any “link juice” – i.e. gives you a higher ranking in Google? And is it legal to ask for a link?

How should the link be formed and where should it be placed to give the greatest reward? How many links do you need to reach your target?

Too many questions? Don’t worry, we are specialised in answering them. We Digitize takes care of all these tasks – so you don’t have to.

What is linkbuilding and why is it important?

Linkbuilding is about building references. When other websites link to you, they use you as a reference. This gives credibility and authority. These are two qualities that Google really likes. Pages with a high degree of credibility and authority go straight to the top!

No doubt about it, you want to be on top. It is at the top of the search engine that potential clients will find you. That is a fact.

Statistics show that more than 90% of every user searching on Google clicks on the top 3 results. This is why it is crucial that your off-page SEO and linkbuilding work in your favour.

A brief history of Google, links, and references…

It is no coincidence that Google put references in high regard. The search engine was founded by students, and they were already using references in their work.

This academic approach became the inspiration for Google’s algorithm, and it still is today. The web pages that are used for references are seen as trustworthy.

As mentioned, links work as references. Therefore, it is important to have many and good links to your website – preferably from other websites that also have credibility and authority.

The reward is an amazing ranking at the top, where users and clients can find you. What’s not to like?

Why Google?

Why do we focus on Google and not Bing, for example? There are of course many search engines on the internet, but Google is by far the biggest:

When we focus on Google, the explanation is pretty simple: Almost everyone uses Google and they find everything on Google. This is why it makes sense to focus on reaching the top 3 in this search engine.

Founders of Google, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin.

How we make off-page SEO and linkbuilding:

1# We set a goal

What are you dreaming of achieving with the help from off-page SEO and linkbuilding? We set some measurable goals that we can work towards. This might be greater brand awareness, more online sales, or leads. Maybe you want more sales of a certain kind of product with a high-profit margin.

2# We analyse and prepare

We evaluate the condition of your website. Where is your current website concerning where you want to go? Is the content and the technical SEO in place, for example? Our team will help and assist with what you might need, so we are ready for linkbuilding.

3# Competition and search engine analysis

We take a deeper look at the competition so we can make your website even better. In this regard, we do a keyword analysis and find the most favorable keywords for you and your website.

4# We present you our plan

The time has come to present our plan for linkbuilding! You will get information about everything from the expected expenses to the expected returns. We go through the first actual link plan, so you know exactly what is going to happen.

5# We get going!

When you have accepted the plan, we go ahead with the execution. Ongoingly, we check in on the result, and adjust where necessary. We always make sure that the linkbuilding follows the overall strategy and cooperates with your on-page SEO.

Let’s see what linkbuilding can do for you! Contact us by telephone 0045 70601001, e-mail: [email protected], or via the chat below. Without obligation.

We Digitize’s references

Now you have learned why links and references are crucial for your ranking on Google. And thus, how off-page SEO and linkbuidling might help you reach the top 3 in the search engine, and generate traffic, clients, and conversions.

But what about our references? You can learn more about them here:

  • We cooperate with hundreds of large, online marketing bureaus, affiliate sites, and companies around the world.
  • Obisidian Digital is a marketing bureau, well-known in the industry. They are a client of ours.
  • From the affiliate industry, we can mention Game Lounge/MarketZoo. We handle a large portion of their off-page SEO.
  • These companies own a lot of websites, not least websites in niches with high competitiveness.

We have a lot more references like these, but not everyone wants to give their competitors a hint of their sources for off-page SEO. This we, of course, respect.

Not least you can learn more about these references on request. This way you can see the value of our work through third-party tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush – in anonymised form to keep the discretion of our clients.

Here you will see the value of the organic traffic that we have helped one of our regular clients create: 1,800,000 DKK / month from 27-07-2022.

Our references will benefit you

We Digitize cooperate with a long line of website owners. We have done that for many years. Actually, we were among the first who standardised sales of advertorials on websites.

The website owners cooperate exclusively with us when it comes to advertorials. But besides this, they also sell advertorials for a considerably fair price to our clients.

This means that you can get publicity on credible and relevant websites. You will also get links to a price that others can’t match.

Can you imagine GAFFA, for example, linking to your website? It would be possible if you cooperate with us. GAFFE is one of our exclusive business partners.

What does linkbuilding cost?

We Digitize work from a fairness principle. This means we only charge a percentage profit on the actual expenses we have concerning linkbuilding.

You will not be paying for our analysis or planning of linkbuilding. And this is despite the fact that they will create a lot of value!

You will only pay for the actual expenses we have concerning publishing advertorials, execution of content, pictures, and videos – and what else is needed for reaching the desired results.

It is difficult to give concrete numbers. The price may vary from industry to industry and country to country. Overall, you can count on paying a couple of thousand DKK for a good link in Denmark.

This you have to multiply with the number of times the link will be used, so you can’t outperform the competitors at the top of the search engine.

Look at it as an investment

You can advantageously look at linkbuilding and off-page SEO as a great investment. Even in the most competitive industries, there are enormous rewards to be gained.

Exactly like a classic investment off-page SEO also demands a bit of patience. Google needs time to register the change and rerank the results in the search engine.

In the long haul, there is no doubt that you will reach the top of Google where your client can find you.

Not everyone has the patience for organic SEO, as off-page SEO is. This means that many companies are underinvested. This is great news to you as it allows you to overtake them on the inside.

We can only recommend you get started with off-page SEO and linkbuilding as quickly as possible. We can almost guarantee that it is one of the best investments you can possibly make.

For the most part, this will be a considerable investment, but we can also almost guarantee it will be one of the best investment choices to be made.

Learn more about what off-page SEO can do for your website. Reach out to us by telephone 0045 70601001, email at [email protected], or in the chat below. No obligation!