Since 2006, we have been working professionally with link building. This is in full compliance with Google's policies. We can offer link building with unique benefits (USP) for our customers in the Nordics and Germany, but also in other countries through the many hundreds of SEO agencies, brokers and editorial offices we actively collaborate with. We can supply individual products within the niche or act as a full service.


We represent publishers when it comes to selling ads on their websites. On a typical, good website, we can generate DKK 250,000 - 500,000 in extra revenue annually. It is mainly through advertorials and text ads, which do not affect earnings through existing ads. Publishers retain up to 75% of revenue and their only job is to publish the ads.

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We can ensure that a website becomes an integral part of a company's strategy and is worked through in relation to all relevant parameters (brand, SEO, lead generation, sales, etc.) and that these are implicitly weighted based on the strategy. We can also create a website from scratch with already set goals and requirements, or based on our analysis of wishes or requirements. Regardless of industry.

Online Strategy

Through which channels should a given product be sold and how is it done optimally? We use theory, practical knowledge and our network to find the optimal channels and fine-tune the use of these. It could be through organic SEO and a website, social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), traditional banner advertising, or a combination of these and other channels.


Content has never been as important as it is today. Not when it comes to users’ expectations, nor to the search engine ranking. Captivating, exciting, informative, relevant, and well-written content is expected. We Digitize has 14 employees that are dedicated to creating the best possible text content. We can do texts in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, and Finnish.
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All our services combined turn into SEO and keyboard optimization. Having lots of links, or only good content does not help on its own. Everything needs to be connected. Through our SEO service, we make sure to gather all elements, such as copywriting, link building, website setup, etc., so that they complement the overall SEO strategy, which we also can make for you.
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