What You Should Know about Link Building Prices

The internet has become the world’s largest marketplace, which is not so surprising. It is an intuitive tool, which people of all ages can easily use, and it makes it easy to find exactly the products or services you need. You do not even have to leave your own home. It does not get more practical than that.

That also makes it extremely necessary to have a presence online as a company and to have a marketing strategy that is geared towards capturing people’s attention online. A marketing strategy that has proven effective, in this regard, is called link building. The objective of link building is to optimize your visibility on the different search engines of the internet, as it is through these that people search for and find what they are looking after. But what does link building cost and what does the price depend on? This is what we will explore in this article.

What does link building cost?

It requires a thorough examination of data – for example, through SEMrush or Ahrefs – where keywords are chosen on the basis of a number of parameters, budget, and goals, after which an expected ROI and price can be calculated in regard to different scenarios. You can expect an all-inclusive professional link building to cost from 1,450 € / month during construction, and all the way up to millions per month in the most competitive line of industries, such as gambling and loan. When your presence online has been developed, the budget can often decrease substantially, depending on the behavior of your competitors. However, many choose to increase the budget and direct it towards other keywords to further grow the business.

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What are you actually paying for?

If you decide to run a link building campaign, you should know what it is you need. Professionally written texts are the most effective. These texts are designed to fit the content of other websites that have a good ranking in the different search engine algorithms. Additionally, the texts will also contain keywords and links that lead back to your products or services.

The result is your website being favored by search engines to a larger extent, as well as opening new doors on other websites, which can potentially lead customers back to you. Here, at We Digitize, we have a team of professional copywriters, who are trained to write such texts that are structured and designed with the purpose of boosting your website’s traffic and performance in the search engines.

The level of competition in your line of industry

One of the factors that condition the extent of a potential link building campaign is how much competition there is in your line of industry. The bigger the competition is, the more articles you will need over a longer period of time to maintain momentum.

This principle can be illustrated with a few simple examples. A company that sells windmills will not need a very extensive link building campaign. Windmills is a niche market with very few producers across the world, which makes the competition very low, even on an international level. Hence, the campaign will be affordable to maintain. Take a phone company, on the other hand, which has many competitors and consequently a high competition in the market: it takes a great deal more, in order to obtain an effective campaign. The texts will need to be of better quality, there needs to be more of them, and they need to be maintained over a longer period of time.

Thereby, the link building price will be set on the basis of the market you are either attempting to access or to expand your already existing impact in.

The Danish market VS the international

Another factor you will need to keep an eye out for is whether to market yourself domestically, in Denmark, or to seek broader exposure in the international market. Going for one or the other will affect the pricing.

The Danish market is smaller and, in a lot of lines of businesses, there will typically be fewer competitors to battle with, as opposed to an international level. This is especially apparent when selling products that are geared towards Danish consumers. Danish link building, then, might be preferred in cases like this.

In going after the international market, you are automatically facing higher competition and, additionally, one’s campaign will need to be in English, which requires more of the copy writer’s language abilities. It also requires more of the company handling your link building, as it takes a larger network of websites for link building. In this case, link building prices will often be higher, but because of the potential to reach more people, the return of the investment will also be higher.

The quality of link building texts

The desired quality of one’s link building texts plays a role in the final price determination. The higher the quality of the text, the more it will cost, naturally. So, what constitutes a text of high quality?

The first criterion is the length of the text. The longer the text is, the higher the possibility is for the copywriter to expand your desired subject in a natural and interesting manner where everything is included. Often, the longer a text is, the better it will perform in a search engine, but often only up to around 1000 words.

The other criterion is the number and type of links the texts would contain. Usually, the text becomes better, the more links it contains. As a minimum, a text for link building should contain one link and keyword that leads back to your desired website. Additionally, you might also want to request to have internal and authoritative links, which also strengthens the quality and effectiveness of the text. The more links you want, the more it will cost, of course.

The road to the best price

To get the best link building price, it is necessary to take all the above-mentioned requirements into consideration, when you want to start a link building campaign. At We Digitize, we can help you lay out a tailored link building strategy where we, with our experience, expertise, and network, will make sure to get you on the right track. Contact us and let us help you find the best price that gives you the biggest return.

If you would like a non-binding offer with a realistic proposal on how the investment can contribute to your business, please contact us on phone number (0045) 70601001, [email protected], or via the chat here on the page.