Our core services are as follows and relate to tasks in Denmark and Norway as well as to a lesser extent in Sweden, Finland and Germany.

  • Development of online strategies and tactics
  • SEO (keyword optimization)
  • Link building
  • Copywriting
  • Content development (videos, infographics, animations, etc.)
  • Outreach
  • Digitization and optimization of outgoing sales
  • Reputation management

We also offer the following services secondarily or via partners:

  • Building / rebuilding websites
  • Building and optimizing webshops
  • PPC
  • Sociale medier

Development of online strategies

In this type of task, we review the company’s current strategy and tactics (offline) and pass these on to the online part. We often that the company’s online strategy does not match the general strategy. A common thread between these and a systematic implementation of these online often yields noticeable results and most often involves most of the above services. Typically, we develop companies’ online strategy and tactics in close collaboration with the company’s management and through interviews with selected employees. However, we adapt the active role of the company so that the implementation disrupts the daily operations of a busy company as little as possible.

Building / rebuilding websites

We have tailored hundreds of websites from scratch, or from an existing website, so that it is optimized for further construction of value-creating services, such as the mentioned above. Websites adapted, or made by us, are tailored (unique design and setup. No standard solutions, unless they are the optimal ones) and treated with extreme care as we believe a company’s website is the foundation of all the above services, which we further believe is the foundation of a profitable company with good prospects in the age of globalization and digitalisation.

Building and optimizing webshops

If a web shop needs to be built from scratch, we can handle the task and save the owner a many pitfall while at the same time open several shortcuts to potential partners. We also optimize existing web shops. Most owners of web shops have plenty to look after in terms of day to day operations. They are also aware of what just 1% in increased conversion means on the bottom line and here we will often be able to make a big difference with our use of practical knowledge, behaviour theory and networking.

SEO (Keyword Optimization)

Most people now know the importance of SEO and a good ranking on Google, which is the result of good SEO. Often companies have partial insight into SEO, but the SEO strategy rarely reflect the overall strategy of the company and rarely does it meet more than a few of many checkpoints. We adapt companies’ SEO to their overall strategy and market realities. This means we have a more holistic approach to SEO than many of the traditional SEO agencies. We are experts in both internal and external SEO, but our USP is in the external part.

PPC (Pay per click)

A collective term for traffic to a website or web shop, where you pay for each click / visitor. Typically, these come from ads on Google (AdWords), Bing or price comparison portals, such as Pricerunner. It is a science to continuously get high quality traffic at as low a price as possible and something that very few companies handle efficiently internally. We handle this task for several companies and over the years we have had a spend in the million class, which is why we have a perceptive hands-on experience with PPC and the most popular PPC channels.

Link building

An essential and complicated part of any online strategy. Link building has low value if the website you build links to does not meet or exceed the visitors’ expectations. In the case of a web shop, the conversion must also be at a certain level before it makes sense to link build. Once that and the internal SEO and effectiveness are in place, then the news about the website should go out on the web and you do that by getting publicity on other, relevant websites.

With the right strategy, clear goals, internal and external analyses, accurate measurements made by 3rd parties and the right knowledge as well as networking, link building can then be done with the prospect of a high return on investment.

The truth is that the word link building is outdated, because it’s not something you should do directly anymore. We try to get positive and relevant publicity for our customers, where a link is the by-product in it, because it is for the benefit of the reader. In short, what is called link building is a modern, technical form of what in the old days was called a press release. With a number of professional copywriters as well as a unique network of editors of websites in Denmark and Norway, we can help beyond the usual when it comes to link building.


A more important part than ever before for online business success. Texts must be highly relevant, be of interest to website visitors and meet a number of technical criteria to work as well as possible with the other services on this page and the company’s overall strategy. Product descriptions on web shops require even more care for the web shop to be competitive in most niches. More than half of the employees at We Digitize have copywriting as the primary task, which is why it is an area in which we can deliver high quality and fast delivery even for larger tasks.